The purpose of Stressbusters is to teach coping skills that facilitate stress relief.

The Stressbuster program starts with a pre-evaluation of the group to determine what kind of stressors exist in your particular environment.

This is followed by a 1/2-hour to 2-hour instructive program that teaches the skills needed to overcome those specific stressors. The length of the presentation is custom fit depending on the needs of the organization. The session is loaded with research information about power of stress relief in our lives and teaches coping skills people can use on an ongoing basis.

A follow-up program is designed to train a group leader who will implement the program on-site for continued benefits. The follow-up program can also be tailored into a series of short recurring visits to insure the longevity of the program.

The Benefits:

      • Increased productivity without increasing staffing.
      • Build teamwork through improved morale.
      • Improved customer service through more positive interactions.
      • Improved health for employees which can lead to decreased health care costs.
      • Facilitate a more creative and cooperative atmosphere.
      • All of these benefits boost the bottom line.

Video Testimonial: