Local author is honored to contribute to a new book on aging

A national publishing company has tapped a local writer to submit an essay for a new

anthology—Things to do when you turn 80—to be published in spring 2017.

Betty Finney, author of “Growing Young,”,  Keen Custom Media, publishing company says she was “shocked and also very honored to be included in the forthcoming book” by Sellers Publishing Company of  South Portland, Maine, because other contributors include many notable writers, scholars and entertainers. Among the others whose writings will appear in the book

are U.S. Poet Laureate Donald Hall, singer Pat Boone, celebrity reporter Rona Barrett, The Amazing Kreskin, and Tony Award winning producer David Black.

“In addition,” Finney said, “the estate of the esteemed neurologist and best-selling

author, Oliver Sacks, has granted Sellers Publishing the right to include his memorable essay, The Joy of Old Age (No Kidding).

Mark Chimsky, the editor of the anthology, says he chose Finney because he read about her literary pursuits as the author of Growing Young published in 2012.

Finney has spent her life “going against the grain,” and takes delight when her friends and family refer to her as a rare bird. Now that she and her husband have raised

seven children, she is focusing on the time in life that others call retirement. Instead, she calls it “The Third Age—the best stage of life.” She loves to challenge the notion that it’s a time of life to slow down. Rather, she explained, “it’s a time to break out of one’s comfort zone, and transform the mindset of aging to the mindset of agelessness. In her young years Finney earned a bachelors degree in fine arts. In her Third Age she earned a masters degree in Natural Health. Now she combines her two loves in life in programs to help others enjoy longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives. Her company, called Oomph! presents motivational programs to companies, organizations and to older adults.

In the summer of 2016, her “Growing Young” presentation will be launched as an online program, available to viewers nationally.

Contact information . betty@oomph4biz.com. (513) 222-2419